Facebook algorithms will be able to identify terrorists

By now, the world is pretty sure with the idea that Facebook is a massive and dwarfs any web service most of the people would have used in their life time. Numerous users visit, post photos and view videos on daily basis on the platform. The platform has provided ways for people to express themselves but it has been facing difficulties in filtering the content posted by users.

This is the reason that Mark Zuckerberg has decided to understand and develop systems with human intelligence by advancing with AI. Zuckerberg states that the promise of artificial intelligence is that it can filter content more accurately. He has planned to allow the artificial intelligence software to review the content that is being posted on the social network. According to him, it will help to identify terrorism, violence, bullying, and any suicide attempts.

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This effort has been received openly by an internet safety charity which had previously criticized the platform for weaker safety algorithms. Mark Zuckerberg has himself accepted the mistakes that have led to extreme violence in the past but now he aims to combat all such things by taking stronger measures.


Mark Zuckerberg explains that the company has been finding ways to balance the desires of users not be offended by any content. Unfortunately, with billions of content being uploaded every day, Facebook got some of the decisions wrong a lot of times till it has developed the super smart AI software.

He stressed on the removal of videos related to the Black Lives Matter movement and the historical photograph of the napalm girl from Vietnam. Facebook had been criticized previously for not being able to identify actions that lead to dangerous situations. The CEO stated that such systems are being researched that can not only read texts but can also look at images and videos if anything suspicious is happening. He said that the system is in the initials stages of development and has already generated about one third of reports to the team that reviews content. Currently the platform is searching for ways to apply AI to differentiate between fake and real stories about terrorism.

Personal Filtering:

Mark Zuckerberg aims to allow people express themselves in whatever way they like but abiding by the law with algorithms detecting the uploaded content. It will also allow users to filter the new feed and ignore the type of new they do not want to see. People who would not make specific preferences will be able to watch what the majority of the people have selected.

The important thing that should be appreciated is that the advances in AI have led to software that can understand text, photos, and videos, review what is contained in them such as graphic violence, hate speech, any explicit content and Facebook’s idea of applying it for improving the working of the platform.

Human emotions and behavior are difficult to fathom sometimes which even people aren’t that good to understand. Therefore Facebook’s attempt to give power to users over their online experiences along with additional tools will be helpful in controlling the situation.

Via: BBC News


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