Elon Musk – I don’t care if you have graduated high school, you can work in Tesla

Elon Musk

Since 2013 Tesla`s hiring policy was very strict. They only utilized top talent. Here is a quick look at the list.

  • Teams in HR pore over piles of CVs
  • Then candidates have 2-4 phone screenings to see if the candidates are qualified for the job.
  • Candidates who qualify the phone conversations are invited to the SpaceX campus for full-day interviews.
  • Interviews are always done in pairs where they are questioned for more than 7 hours
  • Halfway through they get a break and tour of the facility
  • If any candidate expresses doubt than the interview is over and the candidate is sent home.

Tesla’s work schedule was also tough as the candidate did 12 hours shift with all-nighters. This is about to change as Elon Musk has decided

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“I don’t care if you have graduated high school, you can work in Tesla”

He further elaborated through a twitter feed” Join AI at tesla”. Instead, the visionary is looking for a candidate with a deep understanding of artificial intelligence and must pass hardcore coding tests.

Musk said he looks for evidence of exceptional ability. In order to further increase Tesla`s work on Artificial intelligence that drives their self-driving ambitions.

Tesla AI candidates will most likely be working form their California or Texas offices.

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