Easiest way to get a job

A recruiter and candidate relationship is no less than a tricky process. In order to reach the ultimate goal, both need to be on the same page. It can easily slide towards failure if any one of the individual stops working for the same goal. However, there are some traditional ways, easiest way so to speak to turn the tide in your way and get you selected.

The recruiter at a time wears many hats. He has a lot of work on his part which starts from sourcing, interviewing, to negotiating offer. As a candidate it’s important for you to take the process very seriously. On your part, resume and cover letter are everything that can help you to advance in the hiring process. These are the essential marketing tools that are intended to generate interest in you and are supposed to get the reader excited about reviewing your accompanying resume and cover letter.

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The senior sales recruiter, Kristin Carlson hired around 253 employees during her time at the $3 billion company, Yelp. According to her there are three major components that are the most searched elements in the eyes of the recruiters in a job application.

Creativity matters:

The cover letter is something that articulates your interest. Employers prefer candidates who want to work, are professional and courteous. Therefore let your personality come through in your cover letter. According to Carlson, job application that shows real dedication, creativity, and thoughtfulness are preferred most among the recruiters.

They look out for details:

A cover letter should necessarily be based on correct information. It should not contain any wrong numbers, wrong job titles, or a wrong company name.

Know your audience:

Cover letter should also illustrate how well the candidate is aware of the company. It’s good to show them that you have researched their organization and make a convincing case for why you want to work for them.

It’s not just enough for you to know that you have skills and experiences that are an excellent fit for the positions and organization to which you are applying. You need to make a connection on what’s on your resume and what is required by the company. Therefore prepare a unique cover letter or resume for each position.

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