Do you know why do we prefer living in our past?

Some of us are old-fashioned. We spend a lot of our time thinking about the past. That’s fine, there is no harm in thinking fondly about the glorious past and recalling how wonderful life used to be.

There is a big difference between thinking about the past and living in the past. If you prefer living in the past, that is a huge problem. Have you ever wondered why do we prefer to live in our past?

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It is because it is familiar, there are no surprises and we know about everything that has happened because we have experienced those moments. When our past is amazing, we prefer to cherish every bit of it, it gives us comfort and of-course most importantly, it brings back temporary happiness.

Also in our past, there is one particular phase of our life we prefer clinging on to, the reminiscences of those moments when every minute of life was full of laughter, worry-free, and stress-free.

Do you know why do we prefer living in our past?.

It is because we don’t like our present. Most of us are frustrated with where we currently stand in our life and are so afraid to even think about our future.

Living in the past is a serious problem. It robs us of the opportunity to enjoy the present. If we are not happy where we are, staying in the past is not going to help in the present. Living in the past makes us close our eyes and avoid dealing with issues in the present. Closing eyes for avoiding the actual challenges are no less than procrastination, remember, time lost is time wasted.

Life is hard. Anyone who said it has not lied at all but remember, Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present.

Handle your present with confidence, you have to do it to face your future without any fear.

Prepare yourself to fire up, ready to go in the life.

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