Custom Stories by SnapChat

SnapChat is making its user forget the shared photo albums by introducing its Custom Stories. The latest feature allows its users to create Custom Stories with their friends based on a shared event or a location. This single story can be collaborated with family, friends, and other party guests.

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This new creative tool is a smart one which negates the need of sharing individual Stories which can be watched one at a time. Now you can add all to a one group story and see an event from multiple angles. For the created custom Story, you can add your friends as contributors and when they will create a new snap, they will be given the option to add it to their communal story.

The story can also be Geofence to a specific location which means a user can see it only on being the right place. According to SnapChat, this feature is perfect for events including birthday parties or baby stories for the family. But the sad part is that the communal stories will disappear after 24 hours if nobody contributes to them. The feature has been rolled out completely but will soon be available to SnapChat users. The best thing is that Custom Stories is far more accessible and is available for free.

Via: The Next Web

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