Coronavirus was originated in lab, claims a French Nobel prize winning scientist

A few days ago, Fox News reported that sources believe the coronavirus outbreak actually originated in a Wuhan lab. It was a part of China’s efforts to compete with the US. Now, A French Nobel prize-winning scientist “Luc Montagnier” has sparked another controversy saying coronavirus was originated in a lab.

“The Wuhan city laboratory has specialized in these coronaviruses since the early 2000s. They have expertise in this area,” he was quoted as saying, Gulf Today reported.

In an interview given to French CNEWS, Scientist Luc said that the SARS-CoV-2 virus came from a lab as a result of attempting to manufacture a vaccine against AIDS.

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Another bombshell report also claimed that coronavirus may have originated in bungled experiments at Wuhan lab as first reported by Daily Mail Uk.

The theory of COVID-19 originating from a lab test or a leak has been making rounds for quite some time, especially in the US. President Trump also spoke about the possibility of coronavirus accidentally leaking by an intern working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

A recent Washington Post says, two years ago the US embassy officials in China did raise concerns about the insufficient biosafety at the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology. it is a place where deadly, fatal viruses, infections are studied.

Last Friday, President Trump said that the federal government is investigating and looking into a possibility of whether the coronavirus escaped from a Wuhan lab. He also pledged the U.S. government will find out how the pandemic, deadly in modern history was unleashed from China.

“We’re looking at it. A lot of people are looking at it. It seems to make sense,” Trump said in a press conference,

The virus has brought the world economy to its knees. Just over 12 hours ago, the oil prices dipped below zero as panic swept the market, the price of US crude oil crashed from $18 a barrel to -$38 in a matter of hours.

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