Continuity comes from regularity and here is how the regularity comes from

It is true that success is dependent on your willingness to show up daily. The fine line that parts successful people from struggling people and makes an ordinary life extraordinary is regularity.

You become regular if you continuously thrive towards your goal. The regularity in life comes from self-discipline. It is also very important to understand that you can only adopt self-discipline in life if you are determined.

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Here is how the successful life cycle is formed.

Continuity > Regularity > Self Discipline > Determination.

If we look closely, all 4 parameters behold a paradigm link to one another. They are not predominately different from one another but weigh in heavily toward assisting one another.

For success, these 4 factors are as important as Water, Food, Sleep, and Oxygen for survival.

Life is the best teacher. Those who assess their setbacks, and analyze the reason for their lack of success end up prospering in a long run over those who do not realize and never work on the reason for setbacks. Failure is not bad but if not assessed, it is as dangerous as a scam on the surface that eventually spoils the whole water.

Respect Yourself:

We must respect ourselves and the best way to know our value is by starting to respect time. We need to formalize self-discipline in our life and stay determined by continuously following an action plan to pursue our goals in life.

Little by little one travels far, bit by bit you build a block but continuity is a pre-requisite and determination is the key.

Keep doing it. Don’t pay heed to naysayers putting your down. They oppose you because they are not able to match you. It’s true, they were unable to do what you are aiming to achieve in your life.

Every individual possesses similar characteristics but the difference is, their approach toward life. Another striking difference is, how determined one is to push themselves without stopping and continues moving forward.

Those who don’t stop are the winners:

People told the Chinese richest man Jack Ma in the ’90s, you’re a failure. You will never succeed. His own life experiences were full of disappointments and rejections. He believed in himself. With one idea about the internet and by regularly working on his dreams, he was able to achieve what no other man could ever do in China.

The winner is a loser who probably just tried one more time. Take inspiration from successful people like Jack Ma.

Do not stop, and do not give up on yourself. You’ve got a chance!


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