College majors with lowest unemployment rates

It is a big decision when it comes to choosing a college major. It can lend you unemployment line if chosen hastily or will keep you working in the wrong areas for the rest of your life. The consequences of choosing a college major may make you feel stuck from fear but an understanding of what subjects you are choosing will help you a lot.

Following are the college majors mostly involve education and sciences and have the lowest unemployment rates.

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Physics: 4.49%

Physics is among one of the hard science subjects and offers a great job security. This subject lands jobs at universities and independent research labs.

Civil Engineering: 4.29%

Engineering majors including chemical, mechanical, civil engineering, and general engineering all have the lowest unemployment rates.

Biochemical Sciences: 4.22%

This branch of science involves lab workers to perform research and to work on the development and testing of drugs.

Drama Education and language: 4.11%

This field also has a very low unemployment rate and provides an array of opportunities for the people who are willing to specialize.

Animal Sciences: 3.97%

It involves protecting animals and studying their behavior. This job also helps for creating and refining animal therapies.

Nursing: 3.81%

This is a field which seldom gives troubles in landing jobs. A robust staff is constantly needed by hospitals; therefore, it also has very low unemployment rates.

Elementary Education: 3.63%

This field has an exception as it does not come with a specialization. But still, it comes with very low unemployment rates.

Via: Business Insider

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