Chrome now allows you to save webpages offline on mobile devices

A latest update has brought the ability for Chrome users to add support for the offline videos on YouTube. Google’s further steps involve similar additions for mobile platforms. With this feature, webpages can be downloaded for offline use. It also includes downloading of the built-in Manager with lower memory usage as well as web sharing features.

Before making this feature available to the public, it was first placed provided to the Chrome S5 Beta program. For desktop version, the S5 update has already been released. For saving webpages, the process is pretty easy. You need to press a new download option present in the top when you press the three dots on the side.

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The downloading feature is not just limited to webpages; it also includes HTML5 videos and audios. These things can be downloaded unless the website applies any custom controls to the content. The videos and webpages will remain available for use until these are deleted.

This new download manager built into Chrome is different from the typical Android download manager as it has new performance enhancements. With this system JavaScript is controlled more efficiently with a 50% drop in RAM usage. It is then followed by a feature which frees up the unutilized zones in script after the page gets loaded.

Also, there is a new Web Share API that enables webpages to quickly share selected content with the applications installed on a smartphone along with improvements in the search and spell-check section of the platform.

Via: Android Police

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