China all set to track its every citizen in the country with a new facial recognition system

As scary as it sounds, reports are coming that China is all set to track its every citizen in the country with a new state of an art facial recognition system. The technology will work with the help of cameras on street lights, traffic signals, on buildings and almost everywhere possible to track a face and match it with the database. The central technology would mean, all individuals information will be stored and can be pulled when needed by any Government authorities.

Take a look at this video on YouTube which demonstrates how the system will work.

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South China Morning Post noted that the project has been in the works since 2015. A Shanghai-based security firm Isvision is given the task by Ministry of Public Security to build the system and the database.

The system sounds very promising in eliminating crime rate in the country as all humans can easily be traced and matched with a database but also it sounds alarming too. The freedom of humans will be compromised as they will be under an eye when ever they are outside their homes.


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