Unlocking the Secrets of Dubai’s Most Affordable Free Zone


UAE is a place where there are open doors and a popular choice for investors, explorers, and families, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The country is a family-accommodating destination and business center. There are a couple of the least expensive Freezones in UAE that offer minimal expense organization bundles for investors. Entrepreneurs can lay out an organization effortlessly and settle with their families in UAE.

The Free Trade Zones in UAE are famous among foreign investors. There are 45 or more Freezones in UAE that offer different company packages. The Least expensive free zones in UAE attract worldwide investors to set up their minimal-expense organizations.

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In this article, we will discuss the different least expensive Free Zones in UAE and the permit to operate, activities, and advantages these Free Zones offer to foreign investors.

Why set up your business in a UAE Free Zone?

As a startup or entrepreneur, there are many reasons to exploit the free zones in UAE:

  • Unhindered capital and benefit bringing home: Free Zones in UAE let you take the whole benefit or capital from your business activities back to your nation of origin or any place you need.
  • 100 percent foreign ownership: Beforehand, foreign investors could take ownership of 49% of a business in the UAE. Be that as it may, the public authority of UAE revised the guideline, and presently you can claim 100 percent of your business working in the free zones.
  • Tax exception: Organizations in the Dubai-free zones are not exposed to any private or corporate personal assessment.
  • Fast organization development: You can get an exchange permit and set up your organization in the free zones in just five days.
  • Area explicit benefits: UAE has a few areas explicit free zones, where you will track down a lot of infrastructural support pertinent to your business area.

There are a few classes of free zones in the UAE, like central area, seaward, financial, free trade, and media. Regularly, economic free zones are the most reasonable ones.

Which is the Least expensive Free Zone in UAE?

The Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) and Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) are the least expensive Free Zones in UAE.

Advantages of Free Trade Zone in Dubai.

The FreeTrade Zones in Dubai offer the following advantages to investors;

  • Top-class foundation
  • The simplicity of tasks
  • Speedy documentation process
  • Start their business in less than a Week’s time
  • Offer business licenses, activities, and support services

Cost of  Trade license

The expense of an exchange permit with SRTIP is AED 5,500, while the expense of an exchange permit with Jokes is AED 5,800.

There are different elements with regard to picking the right business package for your organization. It primarily incorporates the area of the Free Zone, Office facilities, and visa standards, and that’s just the beginning.

The least expensive Free Zones in UAE for 2023 are the following. They offer the least expensive business license packages to investors for setting up a company.

  • International Free Zone Authority – IFZA
  • Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park – SRTIP
  • Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone – RAKEZ
  • Meydan Free Zone, Dubai
  • DUQE, Dubai

The Free Zones in UAE are very competitive with regard to business license packages and backing administrations. Additionally, the investors are continuously searching for ways of staying with the arrangement cost low.

We should view the moderately modest free zones in UAE that deal with minimal expense-free zone licenses:

List of Least expensive Free Zones in UAE based on the Trade license cost

The below table comprises the absolute least expensive free zones from different emirates in the UAE.

SI No Free Zones Trade License Cost Visa Quota & Facilities
1 Dubai Silicon Oasis – IFZA AED 11,900 Zero Visa Quota
2 Sharjah RTI Park AED 5,500 Zero Visa Quota, Services Business License
3 RAKEZ AED 11,440 Zero Visa Quota, Services Business license, Flexi Desk type
4 Meydan Free Zone AED 12,500  Shared Offices, Zero Visa Quota
5 DUQE – Dubai AED 12,500 Zero Visa Quota with Smart Desk

The Least expensive Free Zone in Dubai is DSO-IFZA with a business license cost beginning from AED 11,900. The IFZA Free Zone, Dubai offers investors more than adequate offices to increase their business in UAE without any problem. The Free Zone being in Dubai enjoys numerous benefits for the investors regarding business tasks.

Least expensive Free Zones in Northern Emirates – Sharjah, RAK, Ajman

The Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park offer the least expensive Trade license. Likewise, the Sharjah Media City and Sharjah Publishing City are the savviest Free Zones in UAE. Also, Free Zones in Sharjah offers the right framework for star entrepreneurs to set up their organizations easily and with negligible documentation.

SRTI Free Zone

  • Offers one of the most reasonable business licenses for different activities, including media, e-commerce, and counseling.
  • Gives the most economical general trade license for selling various things.
  • Offers the right system for entrepreneurs to set up their businesses effectively and with very less documentation.

Free Trade Zones in Ras AI Khaimah, Ajman, and Umm AI Quwain

  • Considered practical zones for company development costs and different costs
  • The complete expense of setting up a business incorporates the trade license cost, office rent costs, administrative charges, and visa costs

The Free Zones in the Northern Emirates

  • SPC Free Zone offers modest working licenses for different activities, for example, counseling, media, and e-commerce, and the most reasonable general trade license for selling different things.
  • The expense of a business license in the Northern Emirates is lower than in Free Trade Zones in Dubai.
  • Other reasonable free zones in Dubai include IFZA and Meydan.

Least expensive Free Zones in Dubai

Free Trade Zones in Dubai offer an extensive variety of business arrangement packages for worldwide investors. The least expensive Business license in Dubai begins from AED 11,900. Thus, it is an ideal decision to begin an undertaking in Dubai at lower starting arrangement costs.

The Least expensive Free Zones in Dubai for 2023 are DUQE and DSO-IFZA. Both of these Free Zones offer cutthroat bundles for investors to set up their organizations in Dubai.

The Freezones in Dubai offers a large group of advantages for its investors. With regards to the business arrangement cost, Free Zones in Dubai are definitely at a higher cost than normal. Notwithstanding, financially savvy Free zones in Dubai offer unrivaled business setups and modest exchange licenses to set up your fantasy organization.

Following minimal expense, Free Trade Zones in Dubai will give all necessary business foundations to new investors.

  1. International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

The least expensive Free Zone in Dubai is IFZA (International Free Zone Authority).

The IFZA Free Zone is situated in a helpful area in Dubai and offers a quick and simple business setup. It offers the least expensive Free Zone permit in Dubai for entrepreneurs. It likewise gives an extensive variety of business exercises for investors in the field of administration, exchanging, and producing.

There are unique business license classifications for organizations and people to enroll in a Holding Organization at IFZA. The Free zone likewise offers modest startup bundles for investors to lay out their startup in Dubai without any problem.


IFZA offers a minimal-expense business license in Dubai without visas at an expense of AED 11,900. This is the modest and best Dubai-free zone permit offer in 2023.

General Trading License – (1 Visa Bundle) – 17,500 AED Yearly (The bundle sum could somewhat differ in actuals)

  1. Dubai Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone is one of the ideal spots and an ideal decision for minimal-expense office space in Dubai.


  • The Free Zone likewise gives a No Objection Certificate to open an office space anyplace in Dubai.
  • Depending on the business necessity and financial plan, the investor can pick their office space.


The Free Zone is neighboring Meydan Racecourse and inside the Meydan Hotel making it an ideal center point for worldwide investors.


Most importantly, Meydan Free Zone offers a large number of business activities and permit types for unfamiliar investors for a minimal price. Additionally, this free zone empowers business leaders to socialize and network while teaming up for work.

  1. DUQE Free Trade Zone

DUQE Free Trade Zone is the latest in Dubai that is arranged in the Quarter Deck of Queen Elizabeth 2.


  • The DUQE Free Zone offers appealing new business packages with comprehensive advantages at AED 19,500 +VAT.
  • It includes the permit expense, rent understanding, flexible-work area space for a considerable length of time, 1 visa portion, and up to 3 business exercises, and that’s just the beginning.
  • Likewise, the DUQE Free Trade Zone in Dubai gives an extensive rundown of Significant worth Added Services to investors, for example, Accounting, VAT Enrollment, Bank Account Opening, Business Center Access, and Medical coverage, and that’s just the beginning.


It offers one of the least expensive Free Trade Zone Licenses in Dubai beginning at AED 12,500 with a zero-visa quantity.

Least expensive Free Zone Permit in Sharjah

The Free Zones in Sharjah offer investors a scope of business license packages.


Sharjah Free Zones offer a top-tier framework to investors at a generally lower cost contrasted with free zones in Dubai.


The least expensive Free Zone Permit in Sharjah begins from AED 5,500 for a Zero Visa quantity bundle.

  1. Sharjah Publishing City

Sharjah Publishing City is a unique Free trade Zone in the Emirates of Sharjah. It offers a large group of minimally expensive office packages and minimal-expense visas for financial investors. This Free Zone is likewise an ideal decision for new businesses and business people to set up an organization at the least expense. SPC Free Zone is the most ideal choice for beginning another general exchange organization at the least expensive exchange permit cost in UAE.



The Cooperating offices and office desk facilities are ideal for investors to flawlessly send off their organizations. Likewise, the Free Zone is a hub for networking activities and business meetups. The Free Zone upholds investors by giving them the right stage to launch their undertakings with no problem.

  1. Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City is one of the quickest developing Free Trade Zone in Sharjah. It is the least expensive free zone in UAE.


  • Minimal expense organization licenses
  • Minimal expense Visas.


  • The investors can decide on up to 3 related business activities.
  • Utilize the Flexi-Work area office for an ostensible expense consistently.
  • It is an ideal Free Zone for media, independent, new businesses, consultancies, and so on. The minimal expense license package is an extra for new investors to begin their organization in the Free Zone without any problem.
  • It additionally gives the least expensive general trading license in UAE.


The least expensive free zone in UAE is the Sharjah Media City Free Zone situated at the Emirates of Sharjah.


SHAMS Free Zone offers a media license for AED 5,800 and a standard trade license for AED 8,050.

  1. Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park

The Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) is one of the most recent Free Trade Zones in Sharjah.


  • It offers Minimal expense Trade licenses to entrepreneurs.
  • SRTIP targets giving an ideal answer for youthful business devotees to increase their business drives without any problem.
  • The Free Zone gives Startup Gas Pedal and Business Incubator programs for subsidizing new companies in their underlying phases of activities.
  • The motivations at SRTIP empower business people to test and send off their new companies without any problem.

There are different business activities and license classes that innovators can acquire. These are;

  • Economical Energy
  • Sustainable power
  • The executives,
  • Waste Treatment.
  • Water Treatment.
  • New Digital Advancements
  • Administrations.
  • Consultancy.


For new businesses, the SRTIP Free Zone is an ideal decision as it offers one of the least expensive Free Zone Licenses in UAE beginning at AED 5,500. The investors get a Zero Visa organization for business activities, for example, counseling, accounting, media, and so on.

Least expensive Free Zones in Abu Dhabi

There are a couple of the Least expensive Free Zones in Abu Dhabi that will assist investors with setting up their organizations at a lower cost. Abu Dhabi is a developing business and economy center point of the UAE with enormous potential for organizations to contribute and work on their business.

Following are a couple of Free Zones that offer the least expensive permit to operate in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  1. Kezad Free Trade Zone


  • The Free Zone offers business people a large group of business motivating forces and advantages in setting up their organization in Kezad.
  •  Kezad follows a basic course of setting up the organization and giving the exchange permit to the investors with next to no issue.


The Kezad Free Zone in Abu Dhabi offers the least expensive exchange permit at AED 9,450 to investors.

  1. Masdar City Free Zone

Masdar City Free Zone is one the most energy-accommodating and practical Free Zones in the locale. The Free Zone has related with numerous energy board organizations to make an ideal biological system for startup and exploration projects.

The Masdar City Free Zone has sent off a large group of organization development bundles for entrepreneurs that are wanting to set up their base in the Free Zone.


Investors can decide on a comprehensive startup package with up to 5 business exercises, an exchange permit charge, and shared work area space for AED 19,000.

  1. Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone offers a large group of business benefits for investors expecting to set up their organization in the Center East. They offer an all-in-one resource climate for business people and deal with one of the least expensive permits to operate in the UAE.

The ADAFZ has an extensive variety of business foundations going from office spaces, warehousing units, business workplaces, and completely outfitted workplaces, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The closeness to the Abu Dhabi International Airport makes the Free Zone one of the most outstanding decisions for unfamiliar investors to set up their organization.

Other Least expensive Free Zone Permit in UAE

  1. Ras Al Khaimah Economic Freezone (RAKEZ)

RAKEZ is a savvy business center with customized answers for business foundations to set up your fantasy organization.


  • It offers reasonable business set-up bundles, current offices, and top-of-the-line services. It has a cutting-edge foundation and hey tech offices for modern development and advancement.
  • Offers a simple, quick business arrangement and a client-accommodating climate for investors. There are in excess of 14000 organizations from 100+ nations enrolled in RAKEZ.
  • It has 5 Freezone parks that are tailor-made for investors’ necessities. RAKEZ comprises a business park, modern parks, and a scholastic zone.
  • It has arrangements for Freezone and Non-Freezone organization development.
  • Offers an extensive variety of the least expensive exchange licenses and modern offices.
  • Furthermore, the simple admittance to worldwide business sectors through the seaports and airports s is making RAKEZ a favored objective for investors.


Business Permit – Permitted to direct 5 comparative exercises from the picked class – 14,800 AED Yearly.

  1. Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone (UAQ FTZ)

The Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone is the best free zone in UAE for new companies and SMEs. Its vicinity to Dubai, admittance to global ports, and top-class framework are making it an investor’s favorite.

It has been working as an independent Freezone since its commencement in 2014. Because of its minimal expense business arrangement bundles, UAQ Free Zone is supposed to have fast reception before long.


Business Permit (2 Visa Bundles) – 20,500 AED Yearly.

  1. Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman Media City is one of the most reasonable free zones in the UAE. This free zone likewise offers investors a scope of business exercises and permits to operate types at the most reduced cost.

The Ajman Media City has different office types. These are

  • Shared.
  • Modified
  • Flexi-work area, and so on.

Going from exchanging licenses to exceptional permit classifications, for example, media and imaginative exercises, it has for the business people.

It is viewed as a first-rate center for media and diversion organizations to set up the workplace. Likewise, Ajman Media City offers the least expensive exchange permit in UAE to media organizations and innovative individuals who are searching for a beneficial business foundation.


Business Permit (1 Visa Bundle) – 11,952 AED Yearly [The bundle sum will fluctuate in actuals]

The main parts of the business arrangement are concluding your business action, permit-to-operate types, and the ideal area. Subsequently, UAE is the ideal spot to handily lay out your business and gain worldwide access.

Important Note: All prices mentioned in this post are subject to change with new policies in the future.

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