10 Most In-Demand skills that are in high demand in jobs for Foreigners in Dubai, UAE

10 Most In-Demand skills that are in high demand in jobs for Foreigners in Dubai, UAE

There is no doubt that Dubai is the fastest-growing commercial hub in the world drawing businesses from every part of the world. And established companies and new startups are always searching for fresh talent in the emirate. Every year many people move to Dubai and because of it major the population is ex-pats and the majority of them move here for work. Are you looking for jobs for foreigners in Dubai, UAE? And worried about which skills you must have to get that job? Knowing the right skill is very important to your survival in the workplace and business. So this will be a guide for you. In this article, we will discuss which skills are in high demand in jobs for foreigners in Dubai

Skills that are most demanded in jobs for foreigners in Dubai:

If you want to qualify for most in-demand Dubai jobs so obviously must have the right skill set. So here are the following 10-high demand skills employers in Dubai are looking for

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  1. Finance and money management skills
  2. Coding and web development skills
  3. Cybersecurity and risk management skills
  4. Administrative skill
  5. Marketing skill
  6. Social media marketing skill
  7. Language skill
  8. Teaching skill
  9. Personnel management skill
  10. Patient care skill

Finance management skill:

Finance management skill

To balance their budgets, prepare and file tax documentation and provide investment advice so many businesses in Dubai and UAE need employees for that. That’s why finance and money management skill is very in high demand. You will have an easy time finding a job in Dubai if you have experience working with business and personal finances.

Coding and web development skills:

Coding and web development skills

If you are trained in programming languages like CSS and Javascript so you will find a lot of opportunities here either as an in-house web developer or as a freelance developer who can work with a lot of different clients. This is because the tech industry is so prominent in Dubai and with this, there is an obvious need for web developers and people with coding experience.

Cyber security and risk management skills:

Cyber security and risk management skills

Cyber security is also in high demand skill in UAE right now because the tech industry is one of the largest industries in Dubai. To protect their client’s data and prevent breaches a lot of businesses are looking for tools and advice to protect them. And this era of advanced technology cyber technology is the need of every business and company. If you have training in the cyber security sector or risk management you will find that there is a significant need for your skill in Dubai among businesses of all sizes.

Administrative skill:

Administrative skill

Administrative skills including organizational skills, communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving skill, and time management are in high demand in Dubai. To get help manage their workload and serve their clients all kinds of businesses need help from administrative assistants. Other professionals such as HR professional marketers can also benefit from Administrative skills.

Marketing Skill:

Marketing Skill

Marketing skills must be necessary if you are looking for job opportunities in Dubai for Foreigners. Because it’s a skill you must have because every business needs it, without marketing business is nothing. Businesses need employees having good marketing skills for building their brands, promoting their products or services, and attracting new clients. In this, your creativity, detailed orientation, and ability to create and execute marketing campaigns will make you very valuable in Dubai.

Social media marketing skills:

Social media marketing skills
Social media marketing skills

In addition to general marketing social media marketing skills are also in high demand. As all businesses are digitalizing so social media popularity is ever-increasing and ever-growing. As marketing on social media requires generating leads and driving conversions. If you have knowledge in social media marketing like how to analyze performance, manage paid advertisements so you can help businesses to improve their reach and grow their audience and boost conversions.

Language skill:

Language skill

Because people move here from all over the world and for this reasons many different languages are spoken. Here the ability to speak more than one language and speak it fluently so can come in very handy whether you work in the tech world, medical field, or business world. Because you have the advantage of knowing different languages which help you in every field.

Teaching skill:

Teaching skill

Teaching skills include both hard and soft skills because of the ability to deliver information to others in a way that they can easily understand. It’s a very valuable skill in Dubai. A great teacher knows how to deliver things in a simple way and knowledge to communicate their knowledge. So having teaching skills will help you very much in your professional life.

Personnel Management skill:

Personnel Management skill

In the human resource field, you will likely be a good candidate if you have the ability to teamwork, work well with others, provide training, and settle disputes. Personnel management skills play a very important role in business operations from talent acquisition to human resource management.  Employees cannot perform to their full potential until employees receive proper training and feel fully supported by HR. Having this skill in the HR team is very important and also in demand.

Patient Care Skills:

Patient Care Skills
Patient Care Skills

If you have training and experience in the medical field there are a lot of job opportunities in Dubai for foreigners. That includes physicians, nursing assistants, nurses, and more. You will likely find it easy to find a job in Dubai hospitals or health care clinics if you have experience in any above positions and are confident about your abilities to give patients the high quality of care they require and deserve during their time in the hospital or clinic.

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