Career advice from some of Tech’s leading women

Just bringing the “need for women in tech” under spotlight is not enough as Silicon Valley is continuing to face a gender gap. Women are at risk on losing out on the best job opportunities of tomorrow. There is a need to bring a change in the hiring practices from the companies top to down. In order to promote a more level playing field in the tech space, there is a need to establish startups that can help women succeed.

It’s no secret that there are significantly fewer women working in the field of technology than men. But in whatever number these women are, they are working and have become role models for other women. Following are the career instructions given by women who have paved their way in tech field. This will encourage other women to get out in the field of technology and bring a change.

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Shaherose Charania:

She is the cofounder of Women 2.0 and founder of the Founder Labs. She advises women to find their voice. Use that voice to their advantage and let people know about their strengths. It’s good to make friends with people who have already spent 10 to 20 years in the field of technology. For women, this relationship will prove more like mentorship during their career. But consider it a two-way connection, as even people who are ahead in their careers always have something to learn from their juniors.

Michelle Zatlyn:

Michelle Zatlyn has been the cofounder of Cloudflare. According to her the field of tech is getting better with the passage of time. Any woman who wants to decide upon which career to choose for future, tech is a great field to choose. This is an industry which is growing, impacts so many people globally, and pays well. Tech is a field that has started affecting every domain of our life starting from software, to food and fashion. It’s a place where women can work with smart people and can give a boost to their career.

Caryn Marooney:

At Facebook Caryn Marooney has been working as the VP of communications. She advises women to be brave and say out aloud what they actually think. It will be a great help to their career advancement and how people perceive them. They must focus on what they are good at, what they love doing, and provide value to the place they work.

Ellen Petry Leanse:

She has been the former Apple and Google executive, advisor, and an instructor at the Stanford University. She tells women to show up and use the feminine force to benefit the existing paradigm, the existing consciousness, and make it better for future.

Lexi Reese:

The former Google vice president and the chief customer officer at Gusto wants women to pay attention on whatever is happening in today’s world. World is a place to do good and instead of wasting time on thinking about what’s ahead will make women miss out some of the best opportunities that are right in front of them. Therefore in order to make a difference in this area, women will have to put real energy behind making a difference in this field.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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