Captainah Enaam is Careem’s first female driver in Saudi Arabia

Careem, the Middle East’s ride-hailing firm and a competitor of peer-to-peer San Francisco based ride sharing company Uber, has named its first female driver in Saudi Arabia. Kingdom has allowed women to drive vehicles in the country from next month.

Enaam Gazi Al-Aswad is selected to become the first “Captainah”, the female version of the Careem “Captain,”. Captain is the title of Careem driver. It is reported that among 3,000 women who applied for the job of Captainah, Enaam was selected.

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When the authorities announced in September that women would be allowed to drive, I wanted to be the first and contacted Careem straight away,” Al-Aswad told Arab News at a media event in Dubai.

It is wonderful to think that after all this time we will have the freedom to drive. It will help all of us build the future together in accordance with the Vision 2030 strategy.

Enaam Gazi Al-Aswad is a 43-year-old divorcee who learned how to drive in her native country, Syria. She also has a driving license from Syria. She expects to be able to get a Saudi license when she completes 10 hours of driving under the new Saudi laws.

“I already have my own car, a Kia I bought in 2013, and I hope to be able to do the 10 hours of lessons in a few days,” she said.

“It is good for women’s career enhancement, and for their social lives. But also I think it is our national duty. It is a job to do for the Kingdom,” she said.

“For a woman on her own, it is a good way to earn a living and pay the bills. My sons are excited and very supportive of me. Careem drivers earn good money, I know. I am telling lots of my female friends to think about it too. I would like to be a guide as well as a driver,” she said.

Via: Arab News

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