Brightwheel App bridges the gap between Parents and Teachers

Brightwheel has raised $10 million in venture funding


Having kids in pre-school, daycare or any other education is a blessing for working parents but no communication between them is a worry. Brightwheel resolves that with its app allowing parents with updates regarding their children during a school day. Brightwheel won a critical claim when is secured Series A funding by Mark Cuban last year.

The brightwheel app does more than keep communication between children, teachers, and parents. It also provide plans on how to maintain a preschool and daycare center. Daycare providers can use the Brightwheel app feature to share photos and information with parents. The information is shared through an encrypted message which is a good gesture.

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Dave Vasen CEO and Founder on brightwheel suggested “its a crazy idea to drop your kids off and basically have no connection with them for the rest of the day “ Brighwheel has been gaining popularity among daycare providers from small to multi-level that cater to 100 kids.

Brightwheel app maintains a free to use an approach that allows its apps to be utilized by low-end societies. Access to Good Pre Schooling is very low in the US and Private schools with ex-husband fees offer better initiatives. Brightwheel wants to change that while using technology to give a glimmer of hope to parents and teachers alike.

Brightwheel as successfully raised Series A Funding, As described Before Series A funding is a crucial step as it allows the business to generate the necessary capital. Education innovation follows serious funding and its benefits are always beneficial.

Market insiders believe that the Brightwheel concept is justified as it has become very important to keep in touch with kids and their parents. They also informed that almost all nursery schools, daycare centers are highly regulated meaning a tech software will be far less appealing unless it incorporates all local and federal guidelines.

The Brightwheel app helps keep a log when kids check-in and leave, provides in-depth insight on how the kid is progressing,  keeps in contact in real-time, and informing parents about vacation days or supplies that their kids might need.

Brightwheel currently in Process of Series B funding promises to increase the size of its workforce by next year. This is one of the few examples of Disruptive innovation executed with ease.
This might do wonders for parents globally as technology is ever-changing

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