Brave was found to autocomplete several websites and keywords in its address bar

Brave is an Open source browsed based on chromium technology created by Brave Software. It blocks ads and trackers by defaults and allows users to use cryptocurrencies to fund brave.

Brave employs BAT knew as Basic Attention token, a virtual currency of sorts bases on Etherium.

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Privacy-focused web browser Brave has been directing users to cryptocurrency websites via affiliate links, from which the company profits.

Built upon the notion that advertisements should be optional and web browsing private, Brave stands accused of violating the trust of its users, who were not actively notified of the practice.

As discovered by a Twitter user,  when a user enters the URL for popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance, the browser directs the individual to the relevant page via an auto-completed affiliate link. Should the user then make a purchase via the website, Brave would then receive a sum for the referral.

In response to outrage expressed by members of the cryptocurrency community on Twitter, Brave CEO Brendan Eich issued a public apology: We made a mistake.we will never revise typed in domains again, I promise.

He said that these redirects never revealed any user data to the affiliates, in keeping with the privacy-first agenda of the browser. many critics believe that the only reason he is apologizing is that he got caught. Others still think that Brave has compromised its integrity. citing that You made THE mistake.

The brave browser developed a stellar reputation as a privacy-preserving alternative to Chrome and Safari since its launch nearly two years ago.

It’s all rather sneaky on Brave’s part, and while its CEO and co-founder, Brendan Eich, initially said there was nothing wrong with the injection of affiliate codes into web addresses without the user’s permission, it seems that the company is now backtracking on the issue. Brave’s developers are now working on a toggle for the injection of referral codes which will be turned off by default in the next stable release

Brave’s Github database showcases that it does the same thing as suggested by the twitter user for websites as Ledger, Trezor, and Coinbase.

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