Behold – Bitcoin Touches USD 8,000

It was just 48 hours ago, Bitcoin firmly hit $7k price and today, it has just touched $8, for the first time in 2019 and guess what, there is no sign of the cryptocurrency stopping here. The crypto market cap jumps 12% at the time of reporting this news. The current price sits at an exact level seen last year in July 2018.

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Here is a quick look at Bitcoin price plunge since April 15th.


Here are the top 10 coins by market capitalization as of today.

Bitcoin typically goes through massive cycles which results in a price plunge. If the cycle repeats as we saw in 2017, there would be a massive surge in the price from the recent lows. The cryptocurrency could well hit USD 15,000 in no time.

Should you invest at this moment is tricky, Warren Buffett has different ideas, he believes, Bitcoin is a bubble.

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