Bitcoin Sprints Near $8000, $10,000 By the year end?

The cryptocurrency king bitcoin is sprinting towards US$ 8000 and it certainly is showing no signs of slowing down. Bitcoin smashed yet another record and is grabbing the attention of the investors again.

Yesterday, we posted that Bitcoin’s price quickly jumped over US$ 7,500. Today, it seems like it is all set to hit US$ 8000. With this current pace, the price could hit $10,000 by the year end.

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Despite of the fact that few industry leaders have given statement about shaky Bitcoin future, this cryptocurrency does not seem to be affected by any of the warning shots. This recent price rise is whooping 41.97% increase within a week. This is something which is unheard of in every currency pattern.

Another 25% up would push the Bitcoin’s price to record high of over $10,000.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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