Bill Gates tells the name of the ‘Most Inspiring Book’ he has ever read

Bill Gates openly gives valuable advice on his Twitter account to inject the spark of motivation in the inspiring wannabe entrepreneurs, individuals worldwide. His success is no secret, from a college dropout to programming a small software that would reshape the way people will use the computers in the future and building a big empire “Microsoft” and than becoming the world’s richest person and than to topping the list for many years. After retirement from his company Microsoft, Gates has shifted gears and is now one of the world’s largest philanthropist running an organization with his wife called Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

His typical advice range from promising career fields such as artificial intelligence, Energy and Bio sciences and to the social issues, to the people you should surround yourself with and push yourself to be your very best but what catches the eye is a gift he says he wishes to give to every graduate and that is a book…..

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Yes a Book!

This book, The Better Angels of Our Nature, by Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker, is “the most inspiring book I’ve ever read.” says Bill Gates.

Basically book asks the question, are people fundamentally good or are they fundamentally bad?. The tweet did not came as a surprise, after Gates talked about the best book he has ever read and recommended it to every one, the book quickly jumped to the second spot for sometime and topped the sales on Amazon’s website.

So if you are a Wannabe entrepreneur and do not know where to start from; perhaps this book is all you need to get inspired, both in business and in life.

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