Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos Say – Every One Should Learn This One Skill To Become Successful In Life

You must always consider taking advice from the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates if you are thinking about what is next for your career. Bill Gates has worked with inventors, industry disrupters, and has read books about the future of humanity, and funds project to advance communities. Based on the information he has collected in all these years, he suggests people to master one most important skill and that is the focus.

This was stated in an interview that was taken by the success expert Richard St. John who interviewed over 1,000 successful people such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Martha Stewart. It was told by St. John that focus is the biggest secret to the success of young people. When you are young, it is okay to experiment with few things but there is a time when you need to pick just one thing and it should definitely be something you are passionate about. Jeff Bezos also says you become successful when you focus on these 5 things regularly

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Moderation is something that is not liked by young people and this is what helps them to channel their focus. But you cannot take concentration and focus as the same thing, these are two different things.

According to St. John concentration is to be able to get something done in the short-term whereas, the focus is to pay attention to just one thing for a very long time. But successful people are not good at everything. They focus on one thing at a time and become great at it. Whereas when you focus on so many things, you learn nothing and don’t become successful. The focus is the trait that makes people successful and they achieve what they want by paying attention to one thing for a very long time.

Do you want to learn how to improve focus?, learn these 7 Ways to train your brain to stay focused

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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