Bill Gates did predict a coronavirus-like outbreak

In a strange course of events with so much talked about COVID-19 outbreak and its origin, Bill Gates, the world’s second-richest man and co-founder of Microsoft appeared in a Netflix documentary in 2019.

In a blog post published at DailyMail, Gates predicted a killer virus that could originate from wet markets in China and quickly infect the whole world, killing many.

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Gates warned in an episode of Netflix that the world is not prepared to deal with a health-related global pandemic and warned that a virus could affect people from all over the world.

He seems to have suspected Chinese wet markets because the animals are killed there and meat is sold in the same marketplace.

‘If you think of anything that could come along that would kill millions of people, a pandemic is our greatest risk,’ Bill Gates

As the different animal corpses are stacked on top of each other, blood as well as meat mixing and then humans passing it from one to another in the market makes the wet markets a ‘disease X factory’.

So basically the apprehension was, viruses are mixed and they are mutating that increases the odds of finding its way to humans and that could prove to be catastrophic. Gates also warned that no one in the world is prepared to deal with implications of the vital because it would be first of its kind and there is no cure for this very new disease never experienced by humans before.

He also warned that if nothing is done to prepare for pandemics, there would come a time when the world would wish it has invested more time and research into potential vaccines.



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