Bill Clinton left the white house in $16 million debt – Today he is making good money

In a recent interview, Bill Clinton mentioned that when his presidential term ended in 2001, he was under a debt of $16 million. For scandal investigation, the presidential salary $200,000 had been overwhelmed by the defense authority’s fees. Although according to Hillary Clinton, she and her husband came out of the White House dead broke. Just three years later, their millions of dollars in debt were erased in 2004. But by the time Hillary ran her presidential campaign in 2016, her net worth was estimated at $45 million.

You might be wondering how they climbed out of the multimillion-dollar hole?

They did it with paid speeches and book deals. When Bill Clinton left the White House, he gave 57 speeches and earned around $13.7 million and a single speech generated from $125,000 for a standard speech to $350,000 for NPR notes. 2001 was the beginning for Hillary Clinton because she received a $2.9 million installment with an $8 million in advance for her book Living History. For the book My Life, Bill collected $10 million in advance and between 2001 and 2005, $153.7 million was earned through speeches and book deals.

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