Best tech jobs for 2018

The advancing technology has placed a lot of impact on a company’s starting salary, competition, corporate culture, budgets and location. The adoption of the modern strategies is compelling large companies to do whatever they can to attract the top tech talent. For some, it all means to get a head start in filling for the most in-demand roles. There is a lot of demand for people who can collect, analyze, and organize large amounts of information to help the companies to make more informed business decisions.

Following is a list of the jobs that should consider while preparing to adopt future tech roles:

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Data Scientist:

You need to have formidable math skills to perform this job which requires you to take a large amount of data to uncover hidden solutions to business challenges.

Overall job score (out of 5.0): 4.8

Median base salary: $110,000

Software Development and information technology operations engineer:

This job requires broad technical knowledge about software development and information technology. The approach requires being aware of the incremental changes to code versions.

Overall job score: 4.6

Median salary: $105,000

Mobile Developer:

Individuals with specialized skills in mobile technology such as building apps for Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft Windows phone are most required for this job.

Overall job score: 4.5

Median salary: $90,000

Product Manager:

This job is similar to that of brand manager and is responsible for the roadmap, strategy, and feature of the product line.

Overall job score: 4.4

Median salary: $113,000

Front end Engineer:

A frontend engineer means a person who knows how to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Overall job score: 4.4

Median salary: $100,000

Site reliability Engineer:

The main goal of a site reliability engineer is to be able to create an ultra-scalable and a highly reliable software system.

Overall job score: 4.4

Median salary: $120,000

Analytics Manager:

A person who can coordinate analytics tasks for a company or an organization. It includes strategies such as collection of data, conducting research etc.

Overall job score: 4.4

Median salary: $115,000

Software Engineer:

This job requires specialized engineering for engaging in software development and application of engineering principles to the software creation.

Overall job score: 4.3

Median salary: $102,500

Hardware Engineer:

It requires designing, development, and testing of the computer systems.

Overall job score: 4.3

Median salary: $115,000

Quality Assurance Manager:

For an industry the job of a QA Manager includes determining, negotiating and agreeing on the in-house quality procedures along with standards and specification.

Overall job score: 4.3

Median salary: $92,000

Via: Business Insider

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