Being busy kills your ability to be creative

Staying busy is good but staying constantly busy seems to dull the processing of your brain. A constant mental load clutters your mind and flattens the ability to experience pleasure. We keep our mind busy for rushing to and from work, driving kids to extramural activities, doing shopping etc. We spend our free time in surfing the internet, watching off TV shows, or watching some games. But we don’t realize being so much busy is that we forget we have been filling up your time with work that has nothing to do with your creativity.

We then start to experience life as boring and a grind to just get through. We might envy our creative friends who are always busy in creating something new. There must be people around us who find time in restoring old things, playing a musical instrument, or making a painting. We think we are too busy for such nonsense, to waste time to buy paint or instruments of your choice, deliberate over the best paints or tunes etc. But have we ever thought about our own life that how much of our daily activity is focused and how much is the distraction?

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What actually gets grinded between our focus and distraction is our creativity that finds no room to grow with our busy schedule. According to a psychologist, most of us unknowingly go with our brain unused for many days. At work, we find solutions to the arising issues and when we get back home, we immerse ourselves into the social media.

Stanford psychologist Emma Seppälä says: “The problem is that many of us can go entire days without putting our brains on idle. At work, we’re intensely analyzing problems, organizing data, writing—all activities that require focus. During downtime, we immerse ourselves in our phones while standing in line at the store or lose ourselves in Netflix after hours.

Our brain needs a break from its routine work; the continuous processing of information does not allow our thoughts to roam or our imagination to drift. A creative pursuit requires free time; the magic happens when we think of nothing in particular and are completely relaxed. Relaxation gives your mind the energy to think something creative. This is the time when a brilliant idea dawns on us and we surprise the world with our creativity.

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