Before Facebook, Mark was given the option to open up a McDonald’s Franchise

Thanks to Facebook, people can now stay in touch with all their loved ones around the world. But society did not have this opportunity before and the social media platform changed everything. Even before starting at Harvard University, he famously launched Facebook. But his father gave him and his three sisters a very different suggestion: to open up a McDonald’s franchise this was stated by Mark’s sister Randi Zuckerberg in an interview to CNN Business.

She said that her parents had mixed feelings about Mark Zuckerberg dropping out of college but they supported his decision. With Facebook now 2.32 billion monthly users around the world and bringing in $16.9 billion in revenue during its most recent quarter, Mark Zuckerberg is now worth an estimated $65.3 billion. Randi Zuckerberg, who was an early employee at the company, is now the CEO of her own company, Zuckerberg media.

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As young adults, she and her siblings felt very excited for giving a voice to everyone through the platform and recalled Facebook’s early live stream efforts. She explained that the tool was created to democratize media, content, and to give the power into its users. But it was also realized that there will be people in the world that will use this tool for incredible good but there will also be people who will use it for bad reasons. Because of which there is so much pressure on young people for creating multi-billion dollar companies as they don’t have time to think what they are putting out in the world.

She stated that it worries her to think that how the changing technology is going to impact the coming generations. She does come for her brother’s defense very frequently but she herself is very critical of big tech in other ways.

When her brother commented last year on why Facebook failed to remove posts from Holocaust’s deniers who he said aren’t intentionally getting it wrong, drew a new criticism, she supported her brother. She stated that her brother should have chosen his words differently but she applauded him for navigating the incredibly difficult new world where the notion of free speech is constantly changing.

Randi Zuckerberg believes that her family dynamics play an important role in inspiring Facebook’s mission of connecting with other people. For her, it is just like after spending his entire childhood with his sisters, the thought of connecting with other people compelled him to come up with Facebook.

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