Become Estonian e-Resident

Want to start a company in a TAX-free country?. Get Estonian e-residency. You can simply apply online and you will receive your digital ID and a card within a few weeks. There any many advantages, E-residents can easily establish and manage a paperless EU-based company.

With Estonian e-Residency, you can work anywhere. You can easily establish and manage an EU company digitally. There is no country restriction and this can be done from anywhere in the world. You do not even need to travel to the country.

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With access to a single EU market, you can operate your business within a stable business environment. It is highly recommended for freelancers since they are worried about their online payments. In a country like Pakistan, PayPal payments cannot be received and that can be easily be done through Estonian e-residency and by establishing a company there.

In Estonia, 99.6% Bank transactions done electronically. 96.3% People have declared income electronically and the country has most startups per capita in EU.

With e-Residency card, you can digitally sign documents online. You can establish a company which will operate as an independent EU company and can also set up digital banking.

The cost of submitting an application and getting a digital ID is just €100. If you want to register a company in Estonia, the cost of registration is €190.

You can apply online Here.

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