Be your own boss by working on these 5 handy Skills

Being your own boss is not for everyone as there are plenty of metrics to distract us. It requires us to be responsible for everything and the burden of the entire world seems to be falling on our shoulders. But if someone is not interested in starting their own business, it is fine as there is a lot of learning and experience that can be gained from the modern workforce. You just need to find an interesting startup with a problem in the field you are expert in. founders for the startups are of two types, experts, and craftsmen. Experts are aware of the problem in an industry and they have the solutions to solve them. Craftsmen on the other hand, are best at stretching out their talent into a product or a platform that can be utilized by everyone. But there are some special skills that they have to bring their dreams into a reality.

Business development:

This is a skill for networking and meeting people that is not possessed by every entrepreneur. Business development is crucial for startups as it helps to find demand or supply and striking partnerships that can have a major impact. Your skills can be utilized by any startup if you find it easy to meet new people work together providing benefit for everyone.

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Marketing helps all business to become prominent among the rest. This is the only way when the voice f a brand can be heard. Your skills will be desperately needed if you are good at promoting things by using social media or advertisements.


Startups at an early stage usually lack a Chief Financial Officer. It is because most of the startups do not have the financial resources to afford one and all the budgeting is done in a limited time and resources. But if you know how to handle finances, some startups maybe ready to take your help and you can earn some money without going for traditional jobs.

Data science:

Data science is a field that has bigger scope in the business world. There are so many companies that want to use bod data to their advantage. So if you are interested in finding value in huge sets of data and way to optimize everything around you, then every startup in the world will be ready to offer you a job.

Engineering and development:

Engineers and developers are becoming very common nowadays but for being wanted more, you need to be best at what you do. Find a field you are interested in and become really good at it and then find a problem that has a problem and present yourself as a solution. If you succeed in delivering the best, you will be loved forever.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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