Battle of the Smartphone Camera Heats Up [Infographic]

There are a host of smartphones in the market, and they’re increasingly being sold based on their cameras, ever since the MP count hit 5. There are now 2 cameras on the same side, and at least one on each. It might soon be that a front flash becomes a staple. So what is changing in the world of smartphones to explain this new trend?

Well, for starters, there is a much bigger social media and texting component in smartphone use. The most common sense culprit is the selfie culture, although it’s not really a bad thing. People are using their handheld devices to capture the world around them and share tidbits of it with the world. The introduction of live videos on Facebook, Periscope on Twitter and the entire Snapchat scene are an easy way to gauge how much our reliance on smartphones has increased.

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In addition, of course, there are other utilities like sharing notes (simply click a picture instead of getting a PDF file or typing it out in text), or video chatting with people that has brought more camera utility to the smartphone scene. Texting and social media aren’t all; Using cameras to make videos for YouTube or Twitch, using a spare camera as a dashcam or more has really expanded the scope of what a smartphone can do for you.

You can be sure there are smartphone manufacturers cashing in on the trend. Now that our cameras are in double digit Megapixel counts, people are realising that just the MP count doesn’t account for much. For example, night time photography essentially needs better apertures and exposure stats, which are completely unrelated to how many MP your camera is. Smartphones’ own processors and the apps available on them to edit and alter pictures is another big factor, like the world’s mad rush towards PRISMA tells us.

Which are the best cameras in the smartphone market then? There’s an infographic below to help you find out. And of course, there is no single best smartphone camera, since the features are so varied and refined that crowning one as superior to others is next to impossible.

Infographic by TechiesPad


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