Battery is stronger for Galaxy S8

The Galaxy Note 7’s debacle has remained too hot for the rest of the industry to handle. The phone’s unhealthy tendency to catch fire led the company to recall all the devices sold around the world. Not only Samsung spelled out the cause of its device’s overheating issue but also initiated an eight-point battery check system which surpassed the industry’s practices. Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy S8 was among the first one to go through these checks.

The eight-point security check by Samsung for its phone was not just for itself but the company actually built a foundation for increasing the level of standard excellence for the lithium ion batteries which can be helpful for the entire industry.

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The company instead of just ending the use of those batteries adopted the eight-point check system and placed it alongside its Infinity Display and smart assistant. After the setback of Note 7, the Company humbly apologized and assured to perform better in future. In the lead up to the S8’s announcement, Samsung started an aggressive campaign for the quality assurance of its products. For watching the security process for its devices in action, Samsung also invited the press to its Korea facilities. For the company, the conversation regarding the battery issues was the major force for boosting various safety checks.

The SVP Justin Denison showed a list of the phone’s internal specifications in the press conference. He stated that Samsung is committed to innovation. To make life easier, the company focuses on hardware to software to essential features as well as accessories. Moreover, the company is also devoted to bringing innovation to the quality and safety. He also specified that the company’s commitment to safety extends to security making quality and security the top priority.

It appears that the company wants to forget the Galaxy Note 7’s disaster and wants to move ahead by making quality and security its core mission. The launch of Galaxy S8 has created a massive buzz in the tech world. The setback with Note 7 seems to have made Samsung stronger than before.

Via: Tech Crunch

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