Axact sold fake degrees to thousands of UK citizens – BBC

The fake degree scandal of the Axact Company in Pakistan is continuing to make headlines in various countries where victims are showing up. The company’s executives are facing fines and imprisonment but there is no end to the damage it has created. The authorities have attained thousands of fake degree transaction and business records of this business player.

According to the investigation as stated on BBC website, Axact has sold thousands of these fake degrees to the UK nationals including NHS consultants, nurses, as well as large defence contractors were among the people. A decisive action has been said to have taken against the people who committed the fraud according to the department of education as it cheated upon the genuine leaders.

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Claimed as the world’s biggest IT Company, Axact managed to create a network of fake online universities in reality. In 2013 and 2014 the UK-based buyers bought more than 3,000 fake online degrees including degrees of Masters, Doctorates, and PhDs. According to BBC report, the use of the fake degree in order to apply for a job could result into imprisonment of ten years under the laws of UK.

BBC also states that the affected people used to get a phone call from the company pretending to be the authorities threatening them to get arrested or deported. They were then forced to submit additional documents for supporting the fake degree they already had.

Nearly paying £500,000 for a fake degree, a British engineer residing in Saudi Arabia was still receiving threatening calls from the company’s agents for more money.

The company in response has condemned the accusations and considered it baseless and nonfactual story that has been published on BBC.

“Axact condemns this story for its baseless accusations and for its substandard, nonfactual & fallacious reporting pertaining to maligning and defamatory false accusations made in the story published on the BBC website,”

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