Auto playing videos by Google on search results in Android

Google is expected to start video previews for its search results on Androids. Because of this, the video presented at the top of a user’s Google’s search results will start playing robotically. These will appear for searches made in Google App and the Chrome and all the videos will have their sounds muted.

Initially this feature will only be available in the US but later on; Google plans to roll it out globally to the entire audience in a wide range of languages. According to Google’s spokesperson, the company aims to expand video previews to various other platforms which indicate that iOS and desktop previews are coming soon. This feature is going to provide users with enhanced video results so that they can get a better grasp at each clip and will have to depend on its name just.

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The auto playing videos may prove distracting and mess up Google’s search results but the company has been testing this feature with an aim to expand it further. The video previews will be working for the YouTube videos along with supporting numerous other providers. The previews will be available only while using WiFi and the feature will not be using up user’s data. Users will have the option to turn it off inside the Google app.

Via: The Verge

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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