Are you a student suffering from exam anxiety?. Here are 4 Ways to overcome the anxiety


You may have been studying hard for your chemistry midterm but once you walk into your exam, you feel your mind goes blank. And in the meantime when you sit down to start your test; you notice your sweaty palms and a pit in your stomach. These are the classic signs of what is called the test anxiety. If you suffer from this then your grades and test scores do not reflect your actual abilities.

For some students, test anxiety is debilitating because ideas race through your mind, you find it hard to concentrate, and have feelings of dread that combine with physical symptoms such as an increased heartbeat, headache, or nausea. No matter how you go through it, this test anxiety has the power to derail your weeks and months of hard work.

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According to experts, test anxiety may result in an individual’s failure in the exam. But fortunately, there are few strategies that you can use to stay calm in the days leading up to or during your test:

Fuel your body with best the nutrients:

In order to function on optimal levels, your body needs fuel that keeps it running with high energy. Therefore, get enough rest and proper food to keep you active when you go for giving your exam. Being active and alert is very important in making you remember things that you have studied. It is wise to pack some smart snacks for an ongoing energy for which you must look for food that offers a steady stream of nutrients rather than just a high sugar followed by a crash.

Get well prepared:

Yes, this seems obvious but it bears repeating. It is because preparation does not guarantee success; it does offer the reassurance of confidence. When you have prepared by reading in advance or with the help of a professional tutor, you walk into the exam with confidence. You feel an extra boost of energy when you are prepared and your concepts are clear. Don’t just prepare for the answers but also prepare what you are going to wear, eat, and bring in your exam.

Be on time:

When you get late for an exam your anxiety levels reach their peak. It is because the fear of not being able to catch up with your fellow testers, you almost forget everything you have long been preparing for, therefore, reach your exam site on time, and get some few moments of solace before the test begins.

Stay focused:

This is the most important aspect of being able to overcome the test anxiety. When you focus on your paper, it provides you with a sense of calmness and gives you a stance that you actually need. Whatever instructions that are given on your paper, read them carefully and read all answers before making a choice or starting the essay.

Most of the time, people try to finish their exam early but that is not at all required. Keep the limited time in your mind but do not rush. Once you finish, go through the entire paper, and see if you find any mistakes and correct them.

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