Apple’s new facial scanning feature

On September 12th, Apple will officially launch its tenth-anniversary device. With the launch, many new features of the smartphone will also be introduced. The new features will include a completely revamped home button an array of sensors. The most prominent among all these sensors is the facial recognition sensor, The Next Web reports.

With the help of this feature, the iPhone users will be able to unlock their devices without having to use a pattern or a password. According to experts, this technology is more than anything that has ever been tried commercially up till now. Many companies tried to use this technology for their devices but it never worked properly. Samsung previously also tried to get its hands on facial recognition but the technology by the company failed to implement it perfectly.

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Latest iPhone 8 is also said to be all set for full screen-dominated front. Apple is the first company to successfully use the facial recognition technology for its smartphone. It has included all the sensors that are needed to run the feature including an infrared sensor which allows the phone to detect the face in the dark.

Also, the iPhone 8 has a clutter free OLED display with better colors and improved images. The facial recognition will help users not to mess up anything by touching fingers to unlock the screen. This addition can be a game changer for the tech giant if it comes out successfully.

Featured Image: Marques YouTube Channel
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