Apple just launched a new way to buy cheap iPhone

Nowadays, the mobile companies are creating devices that do everything except washing our dishes. Choosing to buy a phone is not an easy decision to make especially when a new version is available every other day. Customer’s main concern is to use a phone with latest features but which also fits with their budget.

Apple has given its customers a very good solution for their problem. For the very first time, Apple has opened up its online store for refurbished iPhones (original). This store will allow people to buy like-new Apple devices with a major discount. There is a variety of Apple phones that are being offered in the store. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus models are available with a 15% discount or at $100 less than the full price. The company is selling its 6S, a 16 GB iPhone for $449-$200 which is much less than its original price last year and $100 less than the new phone of today. There is a limited range for colors and some colors are not available in the online store.

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Apple is basically selling the phones that have been returned to the company for some reasons. The company at first fixes the problem, replaces the battery, and places the components into a new covering. This is called the refurbished replacement by Apple and the phones available are just like new except that the customers receive them in a plain white box with the company’s logo on it.

Just like new Apple phones, these refurbished phones are available with a 12-month warranty. According to Apple, a one year warranty is added to all the tested and certified products. All the models of the refurbished iPhones have a replaced battery and a new casing. The supply of these phones is limited and the company guarantees the availability of the product once the entire payment is received.

But according to sources the only problem that may occur in these refurbished phones is “touch disease”, which means that the phone’s screen can become unresponsive at times.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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