Job Openings at Apple in the UAE: Apply Now for Your Dream Role.


Apple, a major technology company situated in the United States, is presently recruiting employees for its retail tasks located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Regardless of reports of job cuts inside its corporate retail team, the company behind the iPhone is promoting employment opportunities in the UAE.

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Recently, Bloomberg revealed that the US company’s development and protection team would be impacted by the upcoming cutbacks. Despite the fact that it is unsure the number of jobs that will be cut, it is expected to be a relatively small number.

Apple will be hiring employees for its four stores in the UAE, with two stores located in Dubai and two in Abu Dhabi. These stores are situated in Dubai Mall, The Mall of the Emirates, Yas Mall, and Al Maryah Island.

The company has advertised nine job openings on its website for various positions, and fluency in two languages is considered an advantage for all of them.

The followings are the full job descriptions and requirements for each position.


The perfect applicant must have the ability to instruct small groups while also coaching several clients at the same time. They should also feel comfortable with both sales and teaching and be able to assist team members. Additionally, they should be skilled in recommending other in-store support options.

Business Expert:

The candidate should possess knowledge of how businesses utilize technology and be familiar with the solutions that Apple can offer them. They should be fit for working with business experiences through in-store briefings, workshops, and events. Furthermore, the ideal applicant should have something like one year of experience with offering to the business market and be skilled in developing qualified leads through calls.


The applicant should have experience in sales and be proficient in technology solutions. They ought to likewise have the capability in technology, particularly with Apple items.


The ideal competitor should have strong communication skills and superb time usage capacities. They ought to likewise be flexible with their timetable.

Operations Expert:

The candidate should be capable of managing and meeting several inventory deadlines each week. They should also be able to quickly perform problem-solving tasks and possess leadership skills, whether it’s leading by example or coaching a group. Moreover, having excellent organizational abilities is essential.


The ideal candidate should have strong interpersonal skills and possess an aptitude for acquiring technical repair skills. They should also have excellent time management skills.

Technical Specialist:

The candidate should be able to assess customers’ needs upon their arrival and offer appropriate solutions. They should also have the flexibility to regularly rotate through various technical specialties and skill sets.

Business Pro:

The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of demonstrated success in sales of technology and business solutions or an equivalent field.


Experience in dealing with various responsibilities to activities; High-level Apple expertise on mobility reception and business change with general knowledge of key SMB industries, technology trends, challenges, and industries.

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