In the UAE, over 60% of employees are interested in entrepreneurship

Over 60% of UAE employees want to be entrepreneurs


Would you say you are longing for working for yourself? Odds are you are in good company. A new study has uncovered that north of six out of 10 experts (62 percent of the overviewed crowd) really like to be independently employed, featuring the developing pattern of business venture in the UAE, notwithstanding the difficulties of beginning a business. Just 26% of UAE respondents like to look for work in an organization.

The and YouGov’s ‘Business in the Center East and North Africa 2023’ concentrate likewise uncovered that more than 56% are at present reasoning beginning a business, 24 percent have attempted to go into business before, while just 4% never considered laying out another organization.

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Also, somewhere around 86% of the respondents accept they will assist with making new positions, and more than 60% need to begin recruiting for their business as soon as the following year.

The MENA-wide survey was finished on an example of 1,800 respondents from UAE, GCC, and other Center East and North African nations.

Ola Haddad, Director of HR at, said the review recognizes individual satisfaction (49%) and the opportunity to pick a balance between fun and serious activities (47%) as the top purposes behind liking to be independently employed.

Also, the individuals who have proactively begun their business have comparable thinking. The individuals who went into business said they did it for more pay (42%) and more prominent freedom to accomplish their objectives (32%).

Major concerns:

Obtaining funds to begin (64%), laying out the right contacts (41%), and the uncertainty of profit and income (37%) are the top worries of respondents while setting up their own businesses.

Those hoping to become business people are thinking about sending off organizations in cordiality, diversion, amusement, IT, web and internet business, and land and property improvement areas. Around 9% need to enter buyer products and FMCG markets.

Zafar Shah, Exploration Chief at YouGov, said: “MENA region’s entrepreneurs encourage a culture of imagination that rouses others to face challenges and seek after their own thoughts, prompting development and development in the economy.”


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