Apple is attracting Android users, here is how

For a while now, Apple is sweeping up Android users. It has been focusing on attracting the Android users and the CEO has been showing statistics about the number of people who have been switching to iPhones.

Recently, the iPhone making company has launched a website that is intended for urging Android users to make a move of purchasing an iPhone. This website encourages people to switch to an iPhone and includes a link that can help the purchasers with acquiring one of the iPhone. It also provides answers to the queries such as what are the benefits of becoming iPhone users.

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If people ask whether the purchase will be easy, the website will provide a reassuring answer that it will be an easy transfer of data. Before switching from Android phones, people need to download the Move to iOS app. this app is available on Google Play Store. This change will securely transfer the content for the users.

According to Tim Cook, Apple has been seeing a great number of switches outside of greater China that has even been seen before. Single-topic sites like this have been launched by Apple as a part of many of its ongoing programs that focus on attracting consumers. This targeting of Android users is reminiscent of the company’s campaign in order to persuade the Windows PC users to get a mac in 2000s.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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