Apple and Google are by far the most valuable brands

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It’s been almost 18 years that global brand consultancy Interbrand has been tracking and ranking brand values around the world. This research from many aspects has helped determine which brands have remained strong and which ones have revamped their image. The company every year releases a list which reveals which brands are most important in the eyes of the customers.

According to the company’s Best Global Brands report of 2017, new insights have been revealed regarding the state of the brands of today. The list focuses on technology, brands as growth engines, and themes of people in the changing world. Interboard states that brands influence the consumer choice and have an ability to command a premium price of profits. The company understands that brands are the platform for growth and impact every aspect of commerce and life.

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The recently released ranking report states that Apple and Google claim the number one and two spots respectively for five years now. In recent years, Microsoft has earned the third spot and Coca-Cola being the only non-tech brand has claimed the fourth place in the list.

The ranking reveals that the Apple’s brand value over the years has grown 3 percent which is $184 billion whereas Facebook has gone up to 48 percent with a net worth of $48 billion. For the first time, Netflix and have made to the list at number 78 and 84 respectively.

Following are the top ten brands that have made up to the list and their net worth.

  • Apple with a net worth of $184 billion
  • Google with a net worth of $142 billion
  • Microsoft with a net worth of $80 billion
  • Coca-Cola with a net worth of $70 billion
  • Amazon with a net worth of $65 billion
  • Samsung with a net worth of $56 billion
  • Toyota with a net worth of $50 billion
  • Facebook with a net worth of $48 billion
  • Mercedes-Benz with a net worth of $48 billion
  • IBM with a net worth of $47 billion

You can visit the Best Global Brands page to see the full ranking.

Via: Tech Crunch

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