Android Nougat is rolling out quickly

Google is now planning to dive in deep into the smartphone market with its Pixel phones. This has accelerated the efforts of Android manufacturers to bring more and more software updates for their devices.

The most recent development is the ZTE which involves a beta update to Nougat available for those users who sign up through its community forums. An approval process is required for benefiting from this update. The release of this software update does not seem far off in the future. Numerous devices in Nougat support are joined by the Axon 7 which seems to be releasing before others.

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The first device to launch on October 26 with the OS was LG V20 whereas company’s G5 has just started receiving updates to its OS. Devices such as Huawei’s Mate 9 are also getting launched with Nougat. But other devices such as Motorola’s Moto Z line, M9, HTC’s 10, and Sony’s Xperia X Performance and XZ have just started with their updating process.

People who are eager to try out the new OS can experience it with Samsung’s S7 series, the OnePlus 3 and 3T, the Honor 8, as well as the Axon 7. This indicates that in less than two months of Nougat’s release, almost all Android flagships would have access to this update.

This new update strategy is all set up by Google. Although the first device that applied Nougat was launched in October but the enterprising users accessed the Android 7.0 with the help of Google’s beta program in March. Most of the manufacturers used it even earlier than the users. Companies are expected to come together with the new update within the same time period.

Also, Google is focusing on the part that requires an absolute update i.e. separating its core OS from OEM additions. With its monthly security patches, the company has already started its work. Nougat 7.1 is loaded with many useful updates including Daydream VR support on compatible hardware but the above mentioned companies have yet not shared anything regarding it.

A quick approach is being followed this time for getting devices updated but this development is not much as compared to iOS. It might be the reason that Android does not need to be fragmented at all.

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