An amazing formula for winning at social media

social media

Social media isn’t easy and you have to work in order to master content creation and distribution for your brand. It is a long and difficult process but there are two ways to for becoming successful at a social network.

As a business, you need to create something that the young generation is not aware of till now.

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All kinds of social media platforms are available right now so creating something that the youth cannot even think of living without would be incredibly useful.

Here is what you need to initially understand before jumping into the social media wagon drive for bringing business.

1- Give attention to the Platform with the highest ROI

2- Making Use of Social Media Management Tools:

3- Use your posts creatively:

4- Creating a system for Curating and scheduling content:

5- All social media accounts must share anything at the same time:

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the effective two mediums I advocate a lot for social media presence and for effective business outreach.

1- Facebook (The rockstar, do it once, do it right, and enjoy):

Facebook is the most efficient way to deliver content around the world because it’s free by all means. It keeps alerting people about your brand, business, or books. Facebook has a lot to offer and still, there are so many things that will keep the platform going for a long. Oculus was bought by Facebook and is going to be the infrastructure for over-the-top TV or free internet, or the phone you have ever thought of.

The Use of a Facebook page with proper postings such as images, and videos could do wonders for your business.

What I have experienced recently is, nothing matches Facebook LIVE. It is an amazing tool to bring your content in front of millions of people and the most interesting part is, your video gets shared within the Facebook platform (profile) if the content is good. Also, the multiplier effect of Facebook video brings in a lot of value i.e your page likes and followers increase.

If you ask me one tool that can bring you social prominence, I would bet on Facebook videos and Facebook LIVE video.

2- Instagram:

For Instagram, there are also a lot of opportunities to evolve. People are writing essays on their Instagram captions and if you see more of this in the future, you should not at all be surprised. There are a lot of chances that people will be attracted to longer-form texts on Instagram.

Here is what works at Instagram:

  1. Take them behind the scenes. Send every business DM (message).
  2. Expand your reach with #hashtags.
  3. Collaborate and @mention others.
  4. Build anticipation and offer exclusivity.
  5. Go LIVE on your Instagram page
  6. Upload lots of videos (Videos are a new big thing)

Bonus: Email:

I want to take a minute and also talk about non-social media. Listen, email, on the other hand, is still not dead. More quality content is to be expected through emails because people have become selective in signing up for an email account. Through emails, you can also take total control of the creative and distribution. Email might not become the player in marketing as it once was, but it will still be considered a good way to get known.

I have personally applied these strategies in many of my businesses including Being Guru. That is where you are reading this article right now. Hisham Sarwar

The communal exchange of stories and perspectives has remained a fundamental force in social development. Thousands of years ago, these stories were told by clans while they gathered around fires to share their day’s experiences. Today the fire embers have been replaced by the glow of internet-connected devices.

Social media has made it possible for people to publicly discuss their experiences with brands and products. Everything now is a matter of public interest and is shaping our world by sharing stories.

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