Amazon’s Chime video conferencing and communications service for Businesses

The globalized environment today has made relationships in businesses important more than ever. The relationship with business partners, suppliers, investors, and customers need to be strong for a success in business. With today’s advancements in technology, no longer does travel have to be essential to maintain these relationships. The sophisticated technology has provided video experiences that makes the process pretty simple, frequent, and ensures quality interactions from wherever the business owners want to communicate.

The ability of video conferencing has transformed businesses. High-quality video conferencing has always been in great demand as it enables businesses to communicate effectively. Recently Amazon has introduced a new kind of video conferencing from AWS that is aimed entirely for businesses. This service is known as Chime and is not centered solely on VoIP calling or video messaging. It takes into account the virtual meetings, enables users to host or join a remote meeting with the help of this service. The price for Chime is arranged for all kind of users. On monthly basis, the pricing begins at $2.50 per users and $15 per user is a higher tier plan which has additional benefits of video and screen-sharing. Between two users, the basic option is free of cost but it only allows video calls and chat rooms. Users on MacOS, iOS, Android devices, and Windows can all benefit from Chime.

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This service is not just an alternative to other services that are operating right now but it allows AWS into the space of virtual meeting management. According to a statement issued by the Vice President of enterprise applications at AWS Gene Farrel, people who actually like the technology they use for their business meetings are hard to find. It’s because most of the provided applications are not easy to use. All such technologies cannot easily be afforded and some even deliver poor quality audio and video services. Moreover, a constant switching between multiple tools is required in order to make everything runs smoothly.

Chime is a good addition among the players who are already in this field. It aims to push its service space and strengthen its grip on customers with rising competition. This kind of technology advancement will make video conferencing services available to average business in no time.

Via: Tech Crunch

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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