Alibaba smashed its single’s day record as sales crossed $25 billion

Alibaba’s sales from the last year’s Singles day were $17.8 billion and this year, it only needed 12 hours to beat that record. Alibaba cleans the house on the biggest online shopping day in all year.

The Chinese mega e-Commerce website sold over $25 billion of products in one day making it a all time record. This year’s Chinese Singles day will be remembered in the history because of Alibaba’s record breaking sales as well as founder Jack Ma’s appearance on the big screen in a memorable lead role.

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Within 2 minutes after 12 A.M., total GMV had hit US $1 billion which set the tone of expected sales for the rest of the day. By the 40 minutes time, the site’s sale had crossed $7.5 billion already.

Sales from last year’s Singles Day were $17.8 billion that was achieved this year within 12 hours.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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