Airbus Electric Flying Taxis are all set to Fly next year

Airbus is working on to put its first flying taxi in the sky after successfully completing testing of its ‘CityAirbus’ propulsion system. According to, Airbus has confirmed this news after a successful full scale test of its city airbus propulsion system. The test included successful ground, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL).

The flying taxis will be able to carry up to 4 people and Fly at the speed of 120 km per hour. City Airbus is purely battery powered (electric 100 KW Siemens motors) and uses 4 propeller design to carry up to 4 people comfortably in a secure, environmental friendly way.

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“We now have a better understanding of the performance of CityAirbus’ innovative electric propulsion system, which we will continue to mature through rigorous testing while beginning the assembly of the full-scale CityAirbus flight demonstrator,” says CityAirbus chief engineer Marius Bebesel.

We should expect to see more flying taxis filling up our skies in years to come. Volo, a Germany company plans to launch a flying taxi next year while Uber has already promised and plans to introduce their flying taxis by year 2020. Dubai is also in the news for doing a similar experiment and introduce flying drone taxis in the future.

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