A simple technique how you can accept failure and try again with same energy and keep you confidence

You can build confidence by accepting failure

When faced with failures, you become your own harshest critic. It feels that there is no one better who can judge you other than yourself. It is because it is not easy for you to accept failures and it feels good to criticize your own efforts and the decisions that you took during the process. But moving forward and adopting a growth mindset you need to be sure that you don’t criticize yourself too hard.

Following are the ways you can accept failure and try again with same energy and keep you confidence:

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  • Identify mistakes by writing them down:

When you are faced with a failure, start by writing down everything that went wrong. Make two columns on a page. In the first column, jot down everything that has contributed to the setback. And in the other column, write down everything that you could have done better. This will help you to identify the mistakes and how to avoid them the next time.

  • Read it for once:

When you have written down your mistakes then read it for once. You get to see the words in your head and realize what actually went wrong. Just accept what happened and move on. By writing down on to a paper, you have transferred all your negative feelings on a different medium and once it’s done, you have to let go of it.

  • Be aware of your efforts:

When you are faced with failure, remember it was you who tried to take the risk. Many others were still thinking and did not have the courage to take action. It was you who despite all fears made the effort of doing something different. Failure does not stop you from moving forward bit it loads you up with different form of information which you possibly couldn’t have otherwise.

  • Stop comparing yourself:

For accepting failure it is really very important to stop comparing yourself with other people. You just need to realize where you have reached so far. You have to be confident that whatever abilities you have now, these have taken you forward in life this will help you decide whether you want to go forward or push yourself more to achieve your goals.

  • Let go of the control:

Your life becomes happier and satisfied when you let go of the control of certain things. Instead of forcing yourself to change things you cannot change, focus on improving things that you actually can. Focus on how to make those things better and stop beating yourself up for all that you cannot.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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