Hackers can access your bank account on WhatsApp


A new WhatsApp scam has hit smartphones and you may be the next victim. A new scam from Rafiroff.com, a malicious link is being used to rip users off by stealing their confidential, personal information such as bank details.

Reports claim that hackers are using WhatsApp to trap users by clicking on a link and maneuvering in the background to access information stored in the phone. This spam link is reported to have affected both IOS as well as Android devices and even desktop users who use WhatsApp desktop have reported having their machines compromised.

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According to News18, the link is sent to WhatsApp users to access their devices and machines to spread infection. CNBC hinted that a large number of users have already been affected by the link, compromising their private information and even allowing access to their bank information. When a user clicks on the link, a new page opens and they are prompted with a form to fill in a survey and they will get huge rewards, giveaways. The information user is asked to fill in their name, age, bank information, and also other personal information.

If you receive any message on WhatsApp asking you to fill a survey by clicking a link Rediroff.com.

RUN……Just kidding, delete it.

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