A lesson for you to learn from a fly stuck inside a car

Animals and plants can be a source of inspiration and lessons for those who want to learn a lot from life. Eagle teaches us leadership principles, Lion teaches us never to give up on our dreams, and the Bamboo tree has few success lessons to offer about life. They all teach us one thing or another provided we are willing to learn.

There is a great life hack lesson one can learn from flying stuck inside a car.

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What? a lesson from fly?

Hey, wait, ‘NO’, I have not gone nuts and before you establish your opinion about me, I would request you to read on because we do not pay heed to a struggling fly stuck inside a car though there is a big survival lesson to learn here.

Ever wondered what happens to a fly when it is stuck inside a car? If you observe closely, you will see that it keeps on striking against the car’s front windshield.

Fly keeps on continuously hitting the windshield because it is able to see life beyond a ‘barrier’ i.e glass but is unable to identify the barrier. What happens next is heartbreaking. Because it keeps banging its head against the front windshield in an attempt to escape, it becomes unconscious and eventually dies.

What’s the lesson?

There is a lesson to learn from this struggling fly stuck inside a car. Sometimes, we are stuck in an awful situation and terrible circumstances in life and we only focus on one solution, think about a uni-directional way out. What happens is, since we do not look around for better options and solutions, we are unable to get out of that miserable situation.

Caught in a vicious circle of poverty? Struggling to get out of debt or perhaps finding it hard to get started in your business could well be related to the story of a Fly that thinks in one direction only when in trouble.

When stuck in a bad situation or a moment, we should take pause, take a deep breath and think rationally about more ways to get out of that situation.

We need to look around and keep our eyes open, unlike the fly that only focuses on the front windshield without looking around to see if other windows are also open to escape. In a panic, the one-direction focus does not do any good. As a matter of fact, it leads to a disaster. The same goes for opportunities, one needs to look for better opportunities in life and that can only happen if we look around and are open to seeking new opportunities.

So next time you are stuck in a terrible situation. Do not act like a fly. Look around, take a deep breath, and think about all possible ways to get out of that situation.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)