A lesson from Frog – Jump out of your miseries when you still have strength

We can learn a lot of lessons from animals. Lion teaches us to never give up, the Fly tells us to keep our eyes open and look around for opportunities, and Eagle teaches us leadership principles. There is huge learning from Frog too, especially when it gets over comfortable and does not sense danger.

If you put a Frog in a vessel of water and gradually start heating the water. With the rise in temperature, the Frog adjusts its body temperature accordingly. Instead of sensing the danger, the Frog continuously adjusts its body temperature accordingly and decides to stay in the hot water.

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The Frog only senses the danger and worries about its life when water is about to reach the boiling point. At this particular moment, the Frog is unable to adjust anymore so decides to jump out of the vessel.

The problem is since it has wasted all its energies trying to adjust to the rising temperate, it is unable to jump out. By this time, the Frog has lost all its strength and soon it dies.

Who killed the Frog?

You would think it is the boiling water that killed the Frog. The truth is, it was the Frog’s inability to take a timely decision and its inability to decide when it had to jump out.

The lesson from the Frog trying all the way to adjust in adversity is, we need to adjust to people and situations but we need to act smart and know when to take the right decision.

If we do not take a timely decision in our life, we will end up hurting ourselves just like the Frog. The inability of making a timely decision hurts no one except you. Sometimes the repercussions are extremely costly.

The are times when we have to face the situation no matter how bad it is and take appropriate action. If we let people exploit us mentally, physically and emotionally, or even financially, we will continue to suffer and stay in a miserable condition.

Unlike the Frog, we need to learn, when to ‘Jump’.

Most importantly, we need to learn how to Jump while we still have ‘Strength’ and have not lost our energy while trying to adjust to our miseries.

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