Seven Leadership principles to learn from an Eagle

Principle #1 – Eagles fly Alone and at very high Altitudes.

Eagles do not fly with small birds such as sparrows or any other species. They fly all alone and at a very high altitudes.

Lesson: We should avoid narrow-minded people as they bring us down. Man is known by the company he keeps. Always sit with the winners, the conversation is all together different. Remember, Eagle fly with other Eagles.

Principle #2 – Eagles have a great, accurate vision.

Eagles have great eye sight, they can focus on something as far as 5km away from the sky. They have a locked target and stay focus on the prey.

Lesson: Always have a clear focus in life and a vision to aim at. Life will have many obstacles. Do not give up on your mission.

Principle #3 – Eagles feed on fresh prey.

Lesson: Let go of your past. It should be behind you and do not rely on the past success. Keep exploring new horizons, new avenues to conquer.

Principle #4 – Eagles just love the storm

Clouds excite Eagles, the storm wind lifts eagles higher. Once a certain height is achieved, Eagle then glide and rest on their wings. Also in storm, all other birds hide and do not fly.

Lesson: Connect the dots moving forward. Face the challenges, have a belief that challenge will only make your stronger. Use the life storms to rise to the greater heights. Champions should never be afraid of challenges.

Principle #5 – The Art of mating.

When a female eagle wants to mate with a male eagle, she picks a twig from the ground, goes in the sky with male eagle and drops the twig. Male eagle then flies down and catches the twig before it hits the ground. The process is repeated several times on increasing heights until female eagle is satisfied about the male eagle’s commitment

Lesson: In our life, we should test the commitment of the people we are surrounded with.

Principle #6 – Eagles prepare for training

They remove their feathers, grass from the nest so their young ones get uncomfortable. This way they learn how to leave the nest and fly.

Lesson: Get out of your comfort zone, no one has ever grown there.

Principle #7 – When the Eagle gets old.

When an Eagle grows old, their feather get heavier, beak gets bended and talons don’t stay as sharp as they were. Eagle then makes a very important decision in his life. In order to survive, he goes to the top of the mountain and hits his beak against a rock till it goes out, he also plucks out his feathers completely and removes talon too. Eagle now must wait for all three things to grow back and then fly to occupy the space again in the sky and hunt for prey.

Lesson: We have to take hard decisions in our life to survive. Those decisions could be pain full but they help us in long run. See the bigger picture in life.


Be an Eagle in your life.

Yes, Never ever give up on your self”


Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)