$999 could be new iPhone price

This year’s Apple’s iPhone is expected to be the most expensive smartphone the company has ever produced. With a proposed wild idea at the first sight of the iPhone, the entry price is believed to be around $999 which is more $350 than the standard iPhone.

Three new iPhones are expected to be introduced by Apple next month among which two will be slightly redesigned and updated for the iPhone 7. But the flagship device with a completely new design will be having features different from the rest. The smartphone will have a nearly full-screen display, wireless charging, and a unique feature of facial recognition. Apple accidentally released a firmware last month which revealed a lot of information regarding its upcoming tenth-anniversary device.

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The recent speculation indicates that the new iPhone will be priced at least $1,000. For the rest of the two iPhones’s prices, there are still assumptions that Apple wants to depress sales a little so that the supply can be managed in a better way. Rumors about the iPhone’s specifications and features have long been circulating but this is the first time, the price of the Apple’s flagship devices has been actually reported.

Via: The Verge, Picture credits video channel – Marques Brownlee

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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