9 Tech Hacks That Will Change Your Life for Better!

9 Tech Hacks For Better Life!

Tech Hacks

Did you know that there are some seriously awesome tech hacks out there that will change your life for the better forever? You might have heard about a few of them, but we can guarantee you that this article is going to come chock full of hacks that you haven’t heard before. Keep reading down below to learn more about these hacks and how to use them in your daily life. Enjoy!

1. Your Computer Case Can Protect Your Computer from Overheating

Protect Your PC

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One of the biggest myths that come from using a case on your laptop computer is the idea that it will cause your computer to overheat. However, this is a very big myth. Whenever you use a case to protect your laptop from dents and scratches, you are also going to be protecting it from dust and other debris that can get into your laptop’s insides. If you ever looked inside of your computer, you could easily tell if you were using a case or not. Those laptops without a case will have a ton of dust and dirt inside, blocking the fan and causing overheating.

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2. Throw That Mouse Away

If you are still using a mouth with your PC, then the biggest tech hack that we have for you , in that case, s to throw it away and opt for using the keyboard instead. There’s really no reason to have another mouse when you can just use the keyboard!

3. Access Your Computer from Anywhere

If you didn’t know it, there are plenty of apps and websites that you can use to access your computer from anywhere. If you’re leaving your home for vacation and want to keep an eye on things, then you easily use a software to access your webcam from anywhere – simply do a Google search and you can find plenty of ways to do that.

4. Shortcuts on Shortcuts on Shortcuts

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of shortcuts you can use on your PC or MacBook? That’s right, you will never have to work hard again while working on your laptop when you know these shortcuts. Just do a search online for the top shortcuts for Macs and PCs and you’re sure to find the perfect ones for you to start using. This is going to cut the amount of time that you need to do tasks on your computer in half.

5. Get Tetris

Did you know that there are ways for you to get old school games like Tetris onto your computer with a little bit of coding to acquire your own model of these games? Just do a quick search online and you can find ways to install those games that you might have thought didn’t even exist anymore.

6. You Can Hack Anyone’s MacBook

Hack a MacBook

There’s actually a software called the Dave Grohl software that allows you to hack into anyone’s MacBook or any other password-protected computer. Just do a search and you can find more about this hack. Just make sure that you’re not using this for any kind of nefarious purpose!

7. Your Computer Can Actually Talk

Just go to your computer’s settings and you can make your computer speak to you. This is great if you’re not someone who likes to read whatever’s on the screen in front of you and you just want to lay back and have your computer read to you.

8. Your Desktop’s Cleanliness Can Speed Up Your Computer

My Desktop Place

Did you know that if you have a desktop that’s full of documents and photos that it’s going to slow down your computer’s speed? Make sure to clean up your desktop if you’re looking for ways to make your computer run a bit faster.

9. Fix Up Your MacBook Pro in The Oven

If you’re broke and you don’t have Apple care, there’s actually quite a weird and unconventional way to get your computer working again – putting it into the oven. That’s right! You can quickly fix up a MacBook by baking it in the oven. Don’t believe us? Do a search on it and you’ll find out how to do it.

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There you have it! These tech hacks are going to seriously make your life easier. Which are you going to try first?

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Written by Ozair Akhtar

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